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Game Review

Just Cause 3 presents the gamer with a society on the brink of collapse and hands them all the tools necessary to bring it down the rest of the way. Most environments are destructible and the weapons with which the gamer is given encourages experimentation and creativity. The object of the game is to blow up government installations across the map for the rebel forces who are opposing the tyrannical dictator.
A tool called the “tether” is of particular interest. It’s purpose is to attach two objects together, but the tension causes them to quickly travel towards each other. The gamer can attach an enemy to an explosive barrel, resulting in their fiery demise, or pull down watchtowers onto a group of enemies. The gamer can even attach the grappling hook to a low flying helicopter and a nearby object (or the ground) to either explode the helicopter midair, or pull it down the to ground to burst into flame and shrapnel.

Just Cause 3 is not the easiest game to play, however, and not just because of the annoying glitches that make the player’s parachute close at random. (Although the gamer can also randomly survive a five hundred foot fall, so sometimes these glitches can be beneficial.) Learning all of the different tools and resources at the gamer’s disposal can be tricky and the controls can be sensitive, but once the gamer does manage to get a feel for it, they’ll be leaping from helicopter to helicopter and gliding through trees and other tight spaces with ease.
Most gamers have little to say against Just Cause 3, except that the plot is more of an unwelcome interruption than something they care to follow. They also say that the NPCs they must protect during escort missions are highly unintelligent, more often than not costing the player the mission due to their own lack of common sense. All in all, however, Just Cause 3 delivers exactly what the gamer wants: free reign to blow absolutely everything to smithereens.

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