Guide For Marvel Contest of Champions cheat

Marvel Contest of Champions is one of the fighting games which you like to play especially if you are a fan of marvel heroes. In this Marvel Contest of Champions game, you will play as a super hero to beat villain. A lot of mobile strategy games can be downloaded free here. Besides, you are going to read some strategy guides for Marvel Contest of Champions. Read on!marvel contest of champions cheat

1. Get free crystals. This is the premium currency in game and you can get it for free.What you need to do is to comply with game events and features. Actually you are able to get free crystal after every four hours and a daily rewards with nice heroes. What you need to do is to log-in to the game everyday and you are able to claim rewards. This is a test of patience as well as you can let someone to play the game for you so you can claim rewards and get it for streak.

2. Master the moves of your heroes. Keep in mind that every hero has their own unique ability that you should use into specific situation. There are some having the exceptional assaults that exclusive work when you are near an opponent while there are some skills which you can preferably use based on ranged. Aside from distance based skills there are some sliding attacks as well as quick attacks. What you need to do here is to learn how your characters work and ensure to use this on your own advantage.

3. Improve your primary champions. From the start, it is better to upgrade your starting champions even it is in lower tier. Actually in this game, you don’t get a lot of champions easily unless you decided to spend real cash for this game. So it is better to start upgrading what you have and improve it even it is not stronger as with higher tier. The only thing you can do here is to start with your strongest initial character.
4. It is just a game. You are playing to enjoy the game and for you to enjoy it, don’t take it seriously as this is just a game as you are here to be enjoyed and not to get angry especially with versus matches. Instead of messing up your mood, it is better to grind for your character to be empowered. But don’t forget to send all your champions into fight following the more you play the higher your odds for versus precious stone wins.

Hope this mcc hack online can help you win the game! And what’s more, you can check out the mobile video game to get more strategies!

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